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As per Toronto Cleaning Services, citrus is beneficial to your health, but many people do not realize its efficacy in everyday home and office cleaning in Toronto. Oils from citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons, can provide alternatives to traditional chemicals that are used to clean surfaces in your home and office. These solutions are simple to make at home, but you will want to ensure that any Toronto cleaning services you hire uses these kinds of products as well.


Based on recent survey, women have stated that they are reducing the amount of chemical based toiletries and household cleaning products for the safety of their family health and environment.


Citrus Uses


Citrus is so popular in office cleaning Toronto because it is a natural way to remove dirt and adhesives without the use of harmful chemicals. This kind of solution is most commonly used in general cleaning as a way to pick up daily dirt, grime and dust. Citrus can be used on an array of surfaces, including glass. A citrus cleaner in Toronto can be applied in every room, and it is even used to clean floors and carpets.


Everyday cleaning is complemented with citrus products by cleaner in Toronto, but this powerful ingredient can also be used to get rid of more challenging messes. Citrus is known for removing tough adhesive stuck onto any surface. Bathroom cleaning is also made easier with citrus, as the product can remove tough mildew and stains.


Most of the people and Toronto cleaning services nowadays are concerned in using green or environmental friendly products to clean their houses. If the serious cleaning services companies are seeking to boost their clientele, then they must promote how to effortlessly transform their house into a safe and fit place of safety.


How to Use


As the popularity of citrus for household and office cleaning Toronto increases, many area residents make the mistake of wasting money on chemical-laden products in stores that only contain traces of citrus. Instead, you can make your own citrus cleaning products at home. These are healthier, and they do not cost as much money.


To make citrus cleaning products you can either use drops directly from corresponding fruits, or instead purchase the oils. Mix the products with water for a general cleaner. For tough jobs, mix the citrus with regular soap. These solutions can be placed in a spray bottle or used as they are.


Especially, cleaning the ground is a vital element of house sanitation. On the other hand, the usual cleaning stuffs obtainable may be damaging to the wellbeing of your family. You may be continually poisoning your home with not being conscious of it. You must begin using the available green floor cleaning methods like citrus cleaners sooner than it is too delayed.


Hire a Cleaner in Toronto


Cleaning is a time-consuming chore, and hiring a professional like Toronto cleaning services is an increasingly popular option. When hiring a professional, it is important that you choose Toronto cleaning services that not only does an effective job in your home or office, but one that also utilizes products that will not harm its clients. Our company only uses green products, such as those made with citrus oil. Reputable companies will not be of any use if they use chemicals that can cause potential health problems.


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Oxygen Bleach is a Safer Alternative to Chlorine

13/03/2012 13:30


Chlorine bleach used to be the most familiar oxidizing cleaner in Toronto . Although chlorine can get rid of stains and disinfect surfaces, it also poses some health risks. Chlorine poses certain dangers when it is used for office cleaning in Toronto, especially when other chemicals are being used in the immediate area. Oxygen bleach has the same benefits as chlorine, without the health dangers and harshness. It is important to look for Toronto cleaning services that utilize oxygen bleach to minimize any adverse effects to your family and employees.


Oxidizer Facts from Toronto cleaning services



Oxidizers are agents that are used to clean and disinfect. Chlorine bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is one of the most common forms, and it is widely sold on the market for household and office use. The downside to chlorine is that it is extremely harsh on skin and clothing. Chlorine bleach has to be diluted with a certain amount of water before use, or else it can cause burns and stain fabrics. Also, sodium hypochlorite has the propensity to create chlorine gas when mixed with other chemicals—this reaction can be deadly.


Oxygen bleach is another kind of oxidizing agent that is healthier than chlorine versions. This cleaner is made from a mixture of sodium and hydrogen peroxide, and it tends to be more concentrated than chlorine bleach. Many consumers looking for a cleaner in Toronto often pass over oxygen bleach because it is packaged in powder form; these products do not stand out as well as bottles of chlorine bleach.


The health advantages of oxygen bleach are numerous. First, the cleaner cannot stain fabrics when the solution is accidentally spilled on clothing. Oxygen bleach also does not harm the skin, or create any dangerous gases. Although this kind of oxidizer is not as harsh, this does not mean that it is not as effective. Oxygen bleach is just as effective as sodium hypochlorite in removing stains, disinfecting various surfaces and getting rid of dirt.


Oxygen Bleach Use


If you purchase oxygen bleach to for household of office cleaning in Toronto, you must dilute the product in water. The solution can be used in a bucket, as well as a spray bottle for convenience. It is also important that you hire Toronto cleaning services that utilize oxygen bleach so that you can protect the people in your home or office.


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How to Get Rid of Bathroom Mold without Chemicals

24/02/2012 10:09


Mold utilizes moisture and humidity to grow, which is why it is so prevalent in bathrooms. Different household remedies and preventive measures are useful in treating mold in bathrooms.


Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting for the mold to grow into a large problem, and then use harsh chemical products that are unhealthy for families. Mold is difficult to remove once it is stuck on bathroom surfaces, and you will likely require the need of Toronto cleaning services to take care of the issue.


Household Remedies


Some people turn to harsh conventional products for cleaning their bathrooms as well as for office cleaning in Toronto, and these contain chemicals that are not healthy to breathe in. Common household products are healthier, and the solutions are cheaper than purchasing bottled chemicals from the store. Many conventional chemicals on the market tend to mask mold, rather than treating the actual source. This is one reason why harsh bleach cleaner in Toronto is so prevalent in many conventional products because it removes the stains that mold causes, rather than getting rid of the spores that cause it.


One of the best ways to prevent mold is to use baking soda. This product is inexpensive, and it is not harmful when breathed in. Simply mix baking soda with a small amount of water to create a paste. Use a brush and work the paste into any caulking in the bathroom, as well as the areas between tiles. Refrain from using too harsh of a brush, as this can damage certain surfaces.


Vinegar is another common household product that is used in the treatment of bathroom mold. Place equal parts of vinegar and water into a spray bottle, and use on all surfaces. Tea tree oil can work to prevent mold from growing in your home of for office cleaning in Toronto. Use a separate spray bottle and add water, as well as 10 drops of tea tree oil to create an alternative cleaning solution.


Common household products are an effective way to clean your bathroom, but there are certain measures you can take to decrease the presence of mold. Limit the presence of moisture and humidity by turning on a fan and opening a window.


Professional Toronto Cleaning Services


Area residents are increasingly looking for a cleaner in Toronto, but many do not want chemicals to be used in their homes. Our company provides professional Toronto cleaning services to residents, and we only use green solutions. We pride ourselves in providing quality work, as well as caring for the health of our clients.


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