Oxygen Bleach is a Safer Alternative to Chlorine

13/03/2012 13:30


Chlorine bleach used to be the most familiar oxidizing cleaner in Toronto . Although chlorine can get rid of stains and disinfect surfaces, it also poses some health risks. Chlorine poses certain dangers when it is used for office cleaning in Toronto, especially when other chemicals are being used in the immediate area. Oxygen bleach has the same benefits as chlorine, without the health dangers and harshness. It is important to look for Toronto cleaning services that utilize oxygen bleach to minimize any adverse effects to your family and employees.


Oxidizer Facts from Toronto cleaning services



Oxidizers are agents that are used to clean and disinfect. Chlorine bleach, or sodium hypochlorite, is one of the most common forms, and it is widely sold on the market for household and office use. The downside to chlorine is that it is extremely harsh on skin and clothing. Chlorine bleach has to be diluted with a certain amount of water before use, or else it can cause burns and stain fabrics. Also, sodium hypochlorite has the propensity to create chlorine gas when mixed with other chemicals—this reaction can be deadly.


Oxygen bleach is another kind of oxidizing agent that is healthier than chlorine versions. This cleaner is made from a mixture of sodium and hydrogen peroxide, and it tends to be more concentrated than chlorine bleach. Many consumers looking for a cleaner in Toronto often pass over oxygen bleach because it is packaged in powder form; these products do not stand out as well as bottles of chlorine bleach.


The health advantages of oxygen bleach are numerous. First, the cleaner cannot stain fabrics when the solution is accidentally spilled on clothing. Oxygen bleach also does not harm the skin, or create any dangerous gases. Although this kind of oxidizer is not as harsh, this does not mean that it is not as effective. Oxygen bleach is just as effective as sodium hypochlorite in removing stains, disinfecting various surfaces and getting rid of dirt.


Oxygen Bleach Use


If you purchase oxygen bleach to for household of office cleaning in Toronto, you must dilute the product in water. The solution can be used in a bucket, as well as a spray bottle for convenience. It is also important that you hire Toronto cleaning services that utilize oxygen bleach so that you can protect the people in your home or office.


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